Post Workout Nutrition.

Your post workout meal is important.

You have just left your favorite class, your muscles are tired, your stomach is growling, and all you want to do is grab the first item that you see when you open your fridge.


Whatever exercise you’re doing, you want to make sure to refuel with foods that aid in both muscle repair and replenishing glycogen stores; your muscles’ main source of energy. When you workout, glycogen stores become depleted, so it is key is to fuel up with high-quality protein and carbohydrates that the body will convert to energy quickly.

Here are some of my favorite post workout meals, which should be eaten within 30 minutes post exercise. 

Endurance Workouts (long distance running or cycling): mix of complex carbs, simple carbs, and healthy fats. This combination will help regulate blood sugar and stop any oxidative stress caused by high demands on the body

  • Almonds Butter and sliced strawberries on Ezekiel Bread
  • Sliced avocado and tomato on an Ezekiel english muffin
  • Plain oatmeal with blueberries and almond butter
  • Sweet potato with pure maple syrup and slivered almonds
  • Quinoa or brown rice with black beans, avocado, tomato and green vegetables.


Cardio Classes (Aerobics, Zumba, Kickboxing etc): Fructose helps aid in restoring glycogen, while healthy fats halt oxidative stress.

  • Apples with nut butter
  • Mixed berries with walnuts
  • Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel bread with homemade strawberry jam (microwave berries until soft, and then spread onto toast)


Resistance Workouts (BODYPUMP, Barre, Pilates, etc):  Protein and natural sugar is the way to go.

  • Spinach and tomato egg white omelet, or scrambled, with a side of berries.
  • Shredded chicken breast on bed of kale with balsamic vinegar, cucumbers, and sliced grapes or granny smith apple.
  • Plain Oatmeal with pure maple syrup and berries, side of egg whites
  • Protein Shake made with 1 scoop protein of choice, 1 small or half large frozen banana, and enough water to make everything move.


Hot Yoga: Protein and Electrolytes 

  • Protein Shake made with 1 scoop protein of choice, handful of sliced frozen bananas, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, dash of sea salt.
  • Coconut water or Maple water with a handful of sea salted almonds
  • Green Juice made with kale, cucumber, celery, lemon and ginger.


Always come prepared. Bring your post workout snack or meal with you to eat on the go, and refuel those hard working muscles to achieve your best results!

Stay motived. Stay FIT! xoxo

What are some of your favorite post workout meals and snacks!?

Total Body Burner.

Warm up for 5 minutes to heat muscles and raise heart rate. It is mandatory to get your body ready to work.

45 seconds 8 exercises

This workout should take you about 30 minutes to complete.

Break for 15 seconds between exercises to give yourself enough time to set up.

Make sure to properly cool down, stretch, and refuel with protein,carbs and plenty of water!

Enjoy xoxo

The Bunny Hop Workout and Garden Green Smoothie

Bunny Hop Workout

1. SKLZ Hopz Vertical Jump Trainer



3.Jump Squat: Stand with your feet hip-width apart, toes forward; lightly touch your fingers behind your ears and extend your elbows to the sides. Bend your knees, then explosively jump as high as you can. Land softly on the balls of your feet and immediately lower into your next squat.





   Refuel with your Garden Green Smoothie!!


10 oz liquid

Vegan Vanilla protein powder

2 cups Power UP Greens

1 small granny smith apple

1/2 large cucumber

dash of cinnamon



Strong Core Circuit, and I slipped (a disc)

Last Tuesday, I slipped a disc in my back.

Yes, last Tuesday, and I’m still feeling it a week later.

What Is a Slipped Disk?

Your spinal column is made of up 26 bones (vertebrae) that are cushioned by disks. The disks protect the bones by absorbing the shocks from daily activities like walking, lifting, and twisting.

Each disk has two parts—a soft, gelatinous inner portion and a tough outer ring. Injury or weakness can cause the inner portion of the disk to protrude through the outer ring. This is known as a slipped or herniated disk. This causes pain and discomfort. If the slipped disk compresses one of your spinal nerves, you may also experience numbness and pain along the affected nerve.


It’s painful, annoying, and the only thing that has worked for me this time, and in the past, is ibuprofen, Epsom salt baths, and sleeping on the floor with an icepack.

glamorous life.

I’ve also been drinking tons of ginger tea to help with inflammation.

Having a strong back is important. Performing bent over rows, supermans, back extensions and lat pull downs are all essential ways to keep your torso strong. However, we sometimes do not pay attention to our posture, or move the wrong way, and this can cause a disc to slip.

In my cause, I am pretty sure that a combination of crooked sitting, arched standing, and ignoring the recent tweaks that I’ve felt in my back brought me to this place of pain.

never ignore those signals. If something hurts, let it rest. It’s the only body you have.

It’s important to keep your body balanced by working both your core and back muscles, and planks are the perfect way to incorporate all of your mid section muscles at the same time.

Since it’s a show day here in Boston, try this at home core circuit that will heat up your center and keep your body strong!

strong core circuit

Remember to always sit, drive, and stand with you shoulders back, never lock your knees, and start incorporating flexibility to your daily agenda.

Just a few minutes of stretching can do wonders as a start to your day.

Take care xoxo