When life hands you Lemons…


Cleanse Smile.


And when Chobani sends you free samples of their new flavors to try…


Battle them against each other.

Battle of the ‘Bani’s!


Banana 2% vs. Pear 0%

Both delicious. Both satisfying. Both filled with real bites of fruit.

But there can only be one winner, and in my opinion, Pear 0% takes the prize.


It’s refreshing, not overly sweet, and actually TASTES like pear…Which for a yogurt flavor, could get a little tricky.

Thank you to Chobani for helping make snacking healthy an easy part to our day.


And for inspiring a new workout that pins our opposing muscles against each other for a quick and effective total body burn!

Body Part Battle

Make sure to use proper form and take breaks when you need to.


Cho Good!

Dear Chobani,


You sure know how to make a girl smile Smile

Thank you for the generous package, and for supplying my family, co-workers, and myself with delicious protein packed snacks for the next few days.

(I was going to keep them all for myself, but I thought I’d share with the other Chobani lovers in my life)

You are delicious.

You are filling.

And you will forever have a place in my fridge.

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