5 Tips for a Positive 2015

Our New Years resolutions pretty much always have something to do with our outward appearance.

New Years Resolutions are hard to keep up. Read how a founder stuck with one every day

This year, try and focus on changing yourself from the inside out.

2014 resolutions guide

Our thoughts are very powerful. We are in charge of what we believe and how we handle everyday situations.


Here are some ways to kick out negativity, and kick start your New Year on a Positive note.

1. You are Your Own Best friend

If you find yourself in the midst of harsh internal dialogue, putting yourself down and spewing negative thoughts… ask yourself

“Would I speak to someone I love the way I am speaking to myself?” 

If you answered no, then it’s time to start handling yourself with care.

We all deal with moments of stress and worry, but try having compassion for yourself and understand where these thoughts are coming from.

Instead of beating yourself up, switch your inner dialogue to something positive;

“I can do this.” “I’ve been through worse” “This will not make or break me”.

Stopping the negativity and replacing it with positive thoughts will empower your mind to stay at peace, feel confident, and be happier overall.

2. Replay Your Successes in 2014.

Grab a pen and paper and jot down your 2014 success list starting from January 1. These achievements can be big or small.

 You got a new job, you bought a house, you quit smoking, or you simply took on a challenge that you were too fearful to do in the past.

Acknowledge every achievement and congratulate yourself. Focus on what you did do, instead of what you didn’t. Keep the momentum going into the New Year.

3. Create a Zen Den.

Whether it be in your bedroom, living room or bath tub, create a space that you can come to whenever you feel overwhelmed and need some time to breathe. This space is designed to recharge your batteries, and erase any negative thoughts that crept in throughout the day. Relax and breathe into this space. Visit it at least once a day.

4. Have Set Goals.

Stay focused on what is important to you by creating goals for yourself. Take these goals day by day, and don’t beat yourself up if you slip. Simply forgive yourself and start over in that instant.

YOU have the power to change your life, and remaining positive will help you get to wherever you want to be.

5. Be Aware of How Awesome Your Life Is.

Make a list of everything in your life that make it awesome; your family, your bed, your health, your garden, the food on your table…anything really.

As each day passes, begin to see more and more of everything in your life that you appreciate, and when something new arises, thank the universe for that gift.

Wake up thanking the universe for your life and another beautiful day. Thank the universe for every lesson you learn, for every teacher that walks in and out of your life, for everything you have and ever will have.

Positivity is a powerful tool. The more positive we become, the more positivity we will attract.

Every positive thought propels you in the right direction.

Embrace this new year with open arms, and be ready for whatever lies ahead.

But most importantly, be your own number one fan. 

Happy New Year!

Happy Earth Day

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson #summer #quotes

Take some time today to go for a walk, a hike, or a run along the beach for those of you lucky enough to do so.

Make a Green Smoothie or Juice and envelop your insides with Earth’s pure gift of nutrition.

Look around and notice the beauty that is right outside your door.

Put on sunscreen and feel that sunshine on your face.

Drink the wild air❤

Happy Earth Day!

10 foods that Cleanse and Detoxify

Our body has a natural way of cleansing itself, and all we need to do is feed it the right nutrients to help it do its job.

My mom did this and it totally worked. I just wasn't a big fan of the soup. 7 day cleanse with real food. Lose 10-17lbs. It really works!

Cleansing ( NOT FASTING ) supports our liver, kidneys, and metabolism, while reducing inflammation and ridding our body of toxins.

10 best cleansing and detoxifying foods.

Lemons have many uses in the home. Here are a few: To freshen the air in your home, simmer a few sliced lemons in water for a few hours, adding more water when necessary. To whiten your whites: add ½ c. to your small load of laundry & let soak for a few minutes before letting it agitate. The acidic component of lemon helps to kill molds, bacteria & germs from cutting boards & counter tops, soap scum in your bathroom tub or shower stall. Soap is alkaline & acidic lemon will cut through it all.

1.  Lemons: balances alkaline and acid levels / cleanses intestines. 

add fresh lemon juice to your water in the morning to flush out any toxins.

Bitter Herbs of the Bible    Chicory  Coriander  Dandelion  Endive  Horehound  Mint  Sorrel  Sow-thistle  Wild lettuce  Wormwood

2. Dandelion Leaves: Supports our liver and kidney functions to filter out toxins

-drink daily in tea form, or purchase actual dandelion leaves and throw them into your morning smoothie, juice, or salad 2x a week.

Habenero Peppers! Nuff said! Lol!

3 Habanero Peppers: support metabolism (fat burner), increase circulation, cleanse our senses.

bobble jug- filters water as you pour! No more waiting for those filters to drip...

4. Filtered Water: SAFE, and flushes toxins from our body.Tap water is known to have antidepressants,antibiotics, shampoo, and plenty of other chemicals in it, so I don;t recommend drinking from your sink.

Ginger Tea: Boil 4 cups water in a saucepan, then add a 2-inch piece of fresh sliced ginger root. Cover and reduce to a simmer for 15-20 minutes. Strain the tea. Add honey and lemon to taste.

5. Ginger Root: aids in digestion and reduces inflammation

-add to salad, smoothies, chew on its own, or chop up and steep in a cup of warm water.

5 cups of GREEN TEA a day could help you lose twice as much weight, most of it around your belly.

6. Green Tea: mild source of caffeine, non acidic, good for skin

How to cook with coconut oil...plus other uses (in the comments) including a great lotion for dry skin!

7. Coconut oil: keeps blood thin, unlike other oils which cause blood to become “sticky”.

Healthy Heart

8. Raw Vegetables (esp. greens): detoxifies the body with vitamins,minerals, and enzymes.

Psyllium Husks THE NIMBER ONE BEST start, finish, inbetweener for any cleanse. And great for every day

9. Psyllium Husk: natural source of Fiber, cleanses intestines, aids in waste removal.

– add to protein shakes, pancakes, or smoothies with frozen fruit.

sweet potato, kale and black bean hash + tips on squeezing cooking/healthy eating into a busy life by @Sarah Yates / A House in The Hills #vegan

10. Be your own chef: wean out the bad and  add the good.

-cook your own meals to ensure you are ingesting the best foods possible. Most restaurants use preservatives, vegetable oils, high amounts of sodium and other artery blocking additives that have no place in our body.

Start adding in these foods and cutting out the excess sugars and garbage from your day. Eat what benefits your body.

Last November I completely cut out coffee and dairy from my diet. I have also not had whey protein for almost a year due to feeling bloated and uncomfortable every time I had it.

I am not saying that everyone should do this, but after much trial and error, this is what I had found worked for me, and for many of my clients as well. 

I have switched from coffee to green tea, coconut and almond milk, yogurt or ice cream in place of dairy, and Vegan protein has been my “go-to” for protein shakes.

In all honesty, my mind has never felt less cluttered, my focus has been ON, and my digestion has improved tremendously 

One shake for breakfast every morning. Over 20 grams of vegan protein, essential vitamins and so yummy! Especially with almond or coconut milk. No need for a blender there is actually a shaker cup that has a whisk ball in it, so great for on the go! I also like to add in a scoop of the fiber powder-just because.

I love the vanilla protein powder from Arbonne Essentials, and I recommend it to anyone looking to clean up their diet.

I use it as a replacement for a quick, but healthy meal on the go, or as the perfect post workout shake to keep me satisfied until dinner.  

Not only is this powder packed with plant based proteins, vitamins and minerals, but it is low glycemic index, free of gluten, animal products or bi-products, artificial flavors, sweeteners or coloring,  and is very easy on my stomach. 

Basically everything  that I look for in a protein powder.

Want to try it for yourself?

Leave a comment below to try a bag of delicious vanilla, or chocolate shake mix for a limited time special rate! You will feel satisfied, energized, and have better digestion, or your money back!  (45 day money back/exchange) 

 And while we’re at it, why not cleanse other parts of your life as well?

toxic people



lack of sleep

All of these negative stressors increase our cortisol and adrenaline levels, which cause extra weight gain, especially in our midsection. They also cause us to feel overwhelmed, unhappy, fatigued and extremely irritable.

Who has time for any of that?

A clean life is a happy life. Look better, feel better, be better. Period.

Really, really good info...Foods that cleanse and detox the body...pin and read later if you must, at least read.

April Showers…

And I’m back!! Time is flying by!

So much wedding planning has been done, and I soon will be a bride in less than two months. Crazy!!

My shower was this past Sunday at L’ANDANA in Burlington, and it was absolutely breathtaking.


(party favors: Potted Herb Planet-basil, thyme, oregano, parsley, rosemary and sage)


My place card table had a “love tree” centerpiece, which had 70 words hanging from it’s branches that Matt and I chose to describe our relationship.

When the guests arrived, they each took a word from the tree and brought it to their seat. While Matt and I opened gifts, I chose 5 words from a glass bowl and read them aloud. Whoever had a matching word got to pick an envelope off of the “Prize tree” which held dinner certificates to 5 different restaurants.

The restaurants included The Captial Grille, L’ANDANA, Abe and Louie’s, The Oceanaire, and Davio’s.


It was the perfect way to break up the gift opening portion of the shower, and to keep everyone from getting bored while eating dessert.

My florist, Michele Bernard, is the angel that took my ideas and brought them to life. She is phenomenal in everything that she does, from place cards, to flowers, to menu designs.


I am also FINALLY the owner of a Vitamix Blender and Omega VERT Juicer!

Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed Juicer

It’s the little things Smile

What’s My Healthy?

Meditating before the hectic day begins

Begin each day with a grateful heart

Waking up my body with warm lemon water, a cup of tea, and a cleansing green juice.

Allow for at least 30 minutes a day to MOVE.

This may include cardio, yoga, or resistance training. Get that heart rate up!

Fueling with color

Super Simple Ground Chicken Gumbo!

1 lb. Lean ground chicken
1 package of frozen stir fry veggies
1 can diced tomatoes, with juice
Cook and place on top of spaghetti squash or brown rice!

Green Smoothies!

Spinach, kale, frozen berries, maca powder, spirulina, ground flaxseed, brown rice protein, cinnamon, water and ice.

Reading instead of watching.

My current book of choice…

Cameron Diaz Encourages Women to Keep Their Pubic Hair in Her New Book | E! Online Mobile

Family time

Getting enough sleep!

Having a new puppy has definitely led to many interrupted nights, but Madi’s bladder has gotten stronger with every passing week Smile

Thank God

Getting out of my own way.

#quollectiveyou paint the picture that is your life. - May Cause Miracles


What is YOUR healthy?


I loved my Yoga Teacher’s message this morning regarding New Year’s resolutions;

“Instead of making one resolution for the next 365 days, which almost always ends up failing, choose a new intention for everyday of the year, just as you do each time you settle onto your Yoga mat.

As the days pass, remember what each intention was and try to carry it with you for the rest of the year”

How beautiful is that?

This is the way it should be. Not stressful or complicated, but inspiring and manageable.

Maybe one day you choose to be kinder to people, no matter how rude they are to you. Another day you may choose to drink more water, call you mom more, quit sugar, or make it to that fitness class that you keep talking yourself out of.

Whatever you choose, hold it close to your heart.

As you complete each day, you will feel so motivated and strong, and you will have 365 days worth of goals that you’ve tackled in 2014.

You can make your list now, or simply choose your intention when you wake up in the morning. Take time to sit with yourself before reaching for your cell phone, or jumping out of bed. The thought will come to you, and it’s okay to repeat your intentions. This just means you need to work a little more on this one matter.

Once you chosen your intention for the day, write it down on a piece of paper (or in your cell phone), and re-read it every hour as a reminder to yourself. Keep your list of intentions by your bed, and before you go to sleep, read it over to remind yourself of why you chose these intentions in the first place.

January first is the start of a new journey for you, and the best part is that you have 364 days to do it all again.

Who’s with me?


Letting Go in the New Year

We meet an infinite amount of people in this world, some only for a brief moment, and some who come into our lives to stay.

These are the people who surround us, who affect our emotions, actions, and overall views of the world. We absorb their energy, feel their soul, which is why it is so important to choose these people wisely.

Group of friends laughing, having a good time

As human beings, we are constantly changing and evolving. This often affects our relationships with others, and letting go of certain people in our life is sometimes part of that process.

Realizing who to hold on to and who to let go of can be one of the hardest decisions to make. How do you actually let go of someone who has been in your life for so long? Why do you want to let them go in the first place?

The most important question you should ask yourself is this..

”How does this person make me feel?”

If you answered “This person makes me feel good”, then you know that they are worth keeping. This person is capable of lifting your spirits, inspiring you, and making you feel important. It is easy to spend time with them, the connection is genuine, and even if you have a small disagreement, the overall feeling of the relationship is effortless and free.

These are the people that you hold onto. These are the people who you should never take for granted.

outside dinner with all the girls

If you answered “This person makes me feel bad, insignificant, worthless, sad etc..”, it’s time to let them go.

These are the people who steal your energy and bring you down. Maybe they always think in the negative, constantly complain, gossip, or judge others (including you) in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. These people are ego-minded and find pleasure in other’s problems. They also tend to want their own “judgment posse” to take part in their ego minded tendency’s.

Never allow anyone to make you feel less than what you are worth, or cause you to stoop to their level of negativity. Take a moment to reflect on the people in your life and realize how you feel after spending time with them. During that process, the answer will be clear.

It is also important to check in with your own heart. If you find yourself surrounded by people who make you feel bad, ask yourself…

“Why am I attracting these types of people into my life? Am I loving myself, or am I making myself a victim?”

There may be something that you are subconsciously, or consciously, telling yourself that attracts this type of person to you. A bad energy vibe, if you will.  It is important to understand that your soul needs to be taken care of in all ways, and this includes knowing that you deserve to have good, positive people in your life. Constantly remind yourself that no one can bring you down unless you allow them to, and figure out why you may be giving these toxic people any attention at all. What may be lacking in you?

What we feel is reflected out and back, like a mirror.


If someone feels small, they want to make others feel small. If they hate their hair, they will judge someone with awesome hair. If they don’t make enough money, or mad that their spouse won’t commit, they will gossip about those who drive nice cars with their husband/wives.

Realize that these negative people do have love inside of them, and people don’t tend to consciously put others down unless they are suffering somehow within themselves. This is the ego’s way of coping, and until a person can fix themselves, it is not worth your own suffering on their behalf.

Wow that says it all! I wish more people would live by this quote.

The best way to go about a situation such as this, is to forgive and walk away. Do not allow your own ego take control, causing you to spew hurtful and unnecessary comments. You do not have to inflict pain onto others to get your point across.

Walk away

Some relationships don’t need a grand finale. They simply have served their purpose, and when the time is right, can quietly slip out the door.

As the year comes to an end, make an effort to surround yourself with people who make you feel good in every way possible.

And for those who you find put out your fire..simply set them free.