What’s My Healthy?

Meditating before the hectic day begins

Begin each day with a grateful heart

Waking up my body with warm lemon water, a cup of tea, and a cleansing green juice.

Allow for at least 30 minutes a day to MOVE.

This may include cardio, yoga, or resistance training. Get that heart rate up!

Fueling with color

Super Simple Ground Chicken Gumbo!

1 lb. Lean ground chicken
1 package of frozen stir fry veggies
1 can diced tomatoes, with juice
Cook and place on top of spaghetti squash or brown rice!

Green Smoothies!

Spinach, kale, frozen berries, maca powder, spirulina, ground flaxseed, brown rice protein, cinnamon, water and ice.

Greens massaged with avocado, ground pepper and fresh lemon juice

Reading instead of watching.

My current book of choice…

Cameron Diaz Encourages Women to Keep Their Pubic Hair in Her New Book | E! Online Mobile

Family time

Getting enough sleep!

Having a new puppy has definitely led to many interrupted nights, but Madi’s bladder has gotten stronger with every passing week Smile

Thank God

Getting out of my own way.

#quollectiveyou paint the picture that is your life. - May Cause Miracles


What is YOUR healthy?

Spring Fever

Spring has officially sprung, even though there is still snow covering the ground, which means that bathing suit season is right around the corner!

Find a fitness routine that keeps you wanting to come back for more.

Have fun, tone up, lose weight, feel great.



This week’s Spin Playlist

spin 4

At home Cardio


Strength Train


Clean Up Your Diet.


1/3 cup oats, 3/4 cup egg whites, 1 cup kale.


shaved chicken breast


  • Sunwarrior vanilla
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1/2T almond butter
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 4 ice cubes


Bib lettuce with carrots, broccoli, chicken breast, hemp seeds and my new fav. mustard…




mixed greens with ground turkey, peppers, onions and cannelloni beans. Topped with sriracha

And lots and lots of decaf tea…


Variety is key



I finally have a second to sit down and blog!

Between work, teaching spin, planning a wedding, and living life in general, it has been hard to find time to write a post.

But that’s what Instagram is for right?..right?


When I go missing for a few days, just know that you can always find me there Smile


SO, even though this week has been hectic, it has also been packed with all sorts of deliveries!


peanut flour, sunflower seed butter, and a sample of Amazing Meal from iherb.com

use my code VOZ131 for $5.00 of your first purchase of $40 or more


The generous people over at Chobani sent me some new flavors to try, Banana 2%, Pear 0%, Chobani Bite Fig with Orange Zest, and Chobani Bite Coffee with Dark Chocolate Chips! I will do a recap on them very soon!

They also sent over a complimentary spoon, which I love!


My Sunwarrior protein also arrived, which was perfect since I was down to my last scoop!


But of all the deliveries that I received the week, the best one by far was the birth of my brand new niece named Sofia, who arrived on 1/31/2113.


My family keeps on expanding, and I am loving every minute of it!


Homemade Chewy Protein Bars

Carbs. Healthy fats. Protein.= Energy



  • 1 cup raw oats
  • 4 scoops chocolate protein powder (Sunwarrior)
  • 1/3 cup crunchy peanut butter
  • 3 tablespoons Agave Nectar
  • 1/2 cup milk of choice (more if needed)


Mix oats and protein powder in a large bowl. *Depending on the type of protein you use and how big you want your serving size, adjust the number of scoops accordingly.

Melt nut butter in the microwave until it becomes soft and easier to mix. Add into bowl.

Add Agave & milk, folding the mixture into each other *If extra scoops of protein were added, add more milk.

Plop mixture onto a non stick backing pan, or glass baking dish, and spread to desired width and thickness with a spoon. Consistency will be very sticky, ooey and gooey…but delicious!

Place in fridge for 1 hour, then cut to desired serving size.


A healthy and energizing snack on the go!

You can use any type of nut butter you like, as well as additional dried fruit, nuts and seeds. Get creative!

Enjoy! xoxo

Tabata Frostbite Foursome

You know those days when you walk outside, and it’s so cold that you feel like screaming?

That’s how it feels today.


the window pane on the INSIDE of the gym this morning

I’ve been sipping on coffee…




Hot lemon water…


Steaming cups of Protein Oats with peanut flour and chopped apple….


And a crock pot full of chicken & vegetable soup to help get me through these frigid temperatures.


But the best cure for cold weather is making sure our blood is circulating, our muscles are warm, and keeping that heart rate up!

frostbite foursome

I’m feeling warmer already Smile

Your take on TBL.

Who watched The Biggest Loser?


What do you think so far? I must admit that I often cringe when I watch this show.

As a trainer and spin instructor, I have always been taught to start from the bottom and work my way up with an individual or group setting.

This does not mean having my clients work out for hours a day, performing exercises that their body’s can’t handle, having them run up hills when they can hardly walk up stairs, or screaming in their face, bringing their excitement level down to a ZERO.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand tough love, and the fact that the trainers have emergency personal on hand when their team starts to go into cardiac arrest, but I feel like this show may set a bad example for both future trainers and those who feel lost in regards to their weight.

Working out shouldn’t be about someone yelling in your face in a degrading manner, or making you feel weak for having unresolved emotional baggage. Yes, trainers are coaches who take no B.S, but we must also stand as a mentor and motivator for our clients. That is how I look at my job anyway, and I was glad to see that Jillian finally sat down with her team and talked to them like actual human beings.

Also, the children on this season break my heart. They are looking for acceptance through a mirror and feel as if being smaller will equal happiness, which we all know is not true. It makes me angry and eager to help in any way I can.

On Monday night, I had the pleasure of assistant teaching a spin class for kids and young teens at the studio that I sub at. We will be holding a 4 week program for kids to learn how to set up their bikes and exercise to fun music with people their own age.

And let me tell you…We had a BLAST in this class.

The kids were dancing and singing along to our playlist, while getting a great workout to benefit their overall health. It was so refreshing to teach an enthusiastic, free spirited group, and I look forward to the next few weeks that I get to spend with them.

It just goes to show that kids are more likely to exercise if they are having fun, and it is up to us to keep them motivated and moving! If more gyms and studios put together exciting activities for kids to come together and workout in a comfortable atmosphere, we will begin to see a change in the obesity epidemic.

Here are a few examples of what I have been eating lately to help keep me energized for my own workouts.


oats with Sunwarrior protein, peanut flour, and blueberries

I like my oatmeal thick, as you can see 


Chobani plain Greek yogurt with 1/2 chopped apple, blueberries and whole grain cereal


mixed greens with 1/2 cup egg whites, steamed vegetables and hummus


raw veggies with Greek yogurt and almonds


lean ground turkey with sweet potatoes


grilled chicken salads


apples and almond butter


and a favorite night time snack, sprinkled with some dark chocolate cocoa powder and toasted nuts.

Also, here is a fun Leg Routine for you guys to tackle this week.

Remember to always have confidence in yourself, do not let your mind trick you into thinking that you cannot perform a task, and do not let fear get in the way of your dreams.

You are stronger than you think.

Use any type of weight you like; barbell, dumbbells, medicine balls, kettle bells, or body weight.


(adductor squats) or Goblet squats

Enjoy! xoxo

Peas and Crayons

If & I Can’t…

Is anyone else’s Instagram acting up? Mine won’t allow me to take pictures, and my camera keeps shutting off every time I try to use it.


So it’s been a pretty busy week, and it’s only getting busier. I’m grateful for the opportunities that are coming my way, and I’m learning to push past my fears and go after what I want.

Once I let go of any fears, or “what if’s” that creep into my mind, confidence comes pouring out of me and I am FINE.


oats, ground flax, vanilla Sunwarrior, pumpkin pie spice and blueberries.

It’s easy to get lost in a routine that feels “safe”, and we often end up stuck in one place for way too long. Recognizing when the time is right to finally turn the page and begin a new chapter is the first step towards reaching our “happy place”.


It’s an intimidating process, especially when it regards concurring something that we’ve always wanted and possibly failing at it. 


grilled broccoli and asparagus with marinated lemon pepper chicken tenders.

At the end of the day, it’s often our own insecurities that hold us back.

All you need is one chance to prove to yourself that you can do whatever you put your mind to, and once you take that first step, the sky is the limit.



Don’t Be Afraid